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We've put it together for you in a tool kit that helps remove the seal, loosen the cap, hold the bottle over the eye to dispense the medication properly, then tighten the cap again!

Prescription eye drops can be very highly priced, and so having them leak out in your pocket or purse can be an expensive loss. But tightening that cap can be as daunting as loosening it! CapTool is a perfect shape and size that readily fits around the cap of all standard eye drop bottles, allowing the cap to be removed with ease.

DropTool is a bottle squeezing tool that fits snugly around all standard eye drop bottles and allows you to suspend the bottle over your eye at a comfortable angle with enhanced stability and dispense just the right amount of the medication.

Here's all you need to make using prescription eye drops a breeze! One simple kit takes all the worry out of application.

$14.95 including postage!

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